“Stairwell” & Q&A w/ Director Eamonn Norris

Director Eamonn Norris, winner of last year’s Best Feature Film Award for “Making It” returns to THE IRISH FILM FESTIVAL with a short film this year and once again has graciously agreed to host a Q&A session on the creative film making process, and the film industry in Ireland.  Welcome back Eamonn!


Directed by: Eamonn Norris

Submitted by: Eamonn Norris

Category: Irish Short Films

Country of Origin: Ireland

Country of Filming: Ireland

Running Time: 11:25


Synopsis:  After the sudden end to his relationship, Luke’s life seems to be unravelling around him. Well-meaning house mates, his work colleagues or even daytime TV; nothing seems to be able to get through to him. However, when hope in an unexpected form slaps him in the face, will he be able to come to his senses?


Event Timeslots (1)

Coastal Financial Advisors Main Theatre – Saturday 02/24/18