Festival RULES & TERMS

Submission Deadline

All submissions must be received no later than 12PM Midnight (UTC -5) on January 15th, 2018.

Submission Method

All submissions must be made through FilmFreeway in order to be eligible for consideration.

Qualifying Criteria

This is an Irish film festival. Each submission must meet at least one of the following in order to be eligible for consideration:

  1. The filmmaker is Irish AND/OR
  2. The content is Irish in nature such as (but not limited to):
    1. The Irish people as a main theme, distinctly represented as being Irish. This could include politicians, historical people, legends, authors, entertainers, sport heroes, saints, scholars or local Irish people. OR
    2. An Irish place of notoriety as in a historic place, tourist attraction, or Irish place of great natural beauty or simply a place that distinctly represents the Irish land or seascape. OR
    3. Something that represents Irish music, language, dance, art, writings, mythology, literature, sports, history, food/beverages, singing or storytelling. OR
    4. A representation of Irish life experience including the immigrant/emigrant experience whether in Ireland or as part of the Irish diaspora.

Note: All decisions regarding submission eligibility are at the sole discretion of The Irish Film Fest.


Feature:     Minimum 60 minutes
Documentary:     Minimum 40 minutes
Short Fiction/Animation:     Maximum 20 minutes
Short Documentary:     Maximum 40 minutes
Super Short:     Maximum 2 minutes

Run times are all-inclusive of title sequences & credits, etc…

Project Timing

No timing requirement for the 2018 Festival.  Projects may have been completed at any time.


Projects may be filmed, produced or originate from anywhere in the world. The work however, must meet one or more of the Qualifying Criteria regardless of place of origin.

Premiere Status

No premiere requirement for 2018 Festival.


Projects may have distribution agreements in place or underway.

Selection & Notification

If your film is selected, you will be contacted via e-mail by the selection committee by January 30th, 2018.

Official Selection laurels are available upon request.

Upon Selection an official press kit is required (electronic, print ready preferred).

Irish Language Films

To qualify for selection, all non-English language films must have an English-subtitled screening copy available.

Submission Requirements & Acknolwedgments

  • Submissions will be accepted via Film Freeway
  • A secure, online screener of the entire project is required for all submissions.
  • Only professional quality work will be accepted.
  • By submitting to The Irish Film Fest, you confirm that you own/hold the rights of the work submitted and agree to all terms and conditions as outlined here on the submittal site.
  • The entrant further agrees that screen shots, press kit information and content and up to three (3) minutes of their film may be used by The Irish Film Fest in support of promotional activities up to and including screening of said clip(s) on television and on the festival’s website.

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