Small Talk – 2018 Short Film Selection


Small Talk

Directed by: Stephen Hall

Produced by: Paul Thompstone

Submitted by: Paul Thompstone

Category: Irish Short Films

Country of Origin: Ireland

Country of Filming: Ireland

Running Time: 12:23


Synopsis:  Dating in your 40’s can be tough at the best of times, this is never more prevalent than with painfully awkward Mark. Mark is going on a date with Jenny. He is very nervous and wants to be the perfect gentleman for her, but he gets in his own way by trying too hard and making things uncomfortable. The couple who don’t have much in common other than being in their 40’s, must resort to small talk and pleasantries. Mark finally drops the over-zealous gentleman facade for a more genuine one. When Jenny realizes the motive behind Marks behavior she has to face a truth that she isn’t ready to accept.