2018 Official Selections THE IRISH FILM FEST

Short Films Category

These films are 20 minutes or less, meet the festival's qualifying criteria and fall in one of the following genres:

  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Short Documentary
  • Cultural Film
  • Music Video

These 27 shorts have been selected from a pool of 325 submissions and represent a wide variety of topics.  We hope you enjoy the work of these very creative film makers.  Please join us in thanking all of the film makers who submitted to the Short Films Category and congratulating those whose works have been selected for the festival!

*Films are subject to change at the discretion of THE IRISH FILM FEST

Title Directed By Produced By Submitted by: Country of Origin Country of Filming Running Time
A Very Irish Family Emmet Kelly Rob Gill & Emmet Kelly Rob Gill Ireland Ireland 14:00
Banjaxed Orlaith D’Arcy Gabriela Chrobak Orlaith D’Arcy Ireland Ireland 11:30
Brother Sean Treacy Sean Treacy Sean Treacy Ireland Ireland 13:40
Childer Aislinn Clarke Margaret McGoldrick Aislinn Clarke United Kingdom United Kingdom 18:43
Deirdre Jo Southwell Katherine Selway Jo Southwell Ireland Ireland 14:57
Follow Me Elaine Gallagher Elaine Gallagher, Christiane O’Mahony, Paulin Shanahan Elaine Gallagher Ireland Ireland 8:52
Hound Dan Thoburn Dan Baker, Sarah Palmer, San Thoburn Dan Thoburn United Kingdom United Kingdom 13:57
Jump Into Ireland Lucas Dominicus, Kevin Haenni Lucas Dominicus Lucas Dominicus Ireland Ireland 2:49
Lost Memories Eamonn Murphy Quintin Ahern Eamonn Murphy Ireland Ireland 14:55
Maeve and the Moon Elynia Betts Peter James Melrose Elynia Betts Ireland Ireland 11:29
Man to Man A.W. Stevenson A.W. Stevenson, Dave Minogue Andrew Stevenson Ireland Ireland 13:09
My Ireland Myles O’Reilly Karen Walse Myles O’Reilly Ireland Ireland 11:49
No Irish Need Apply William Fitzpatrick William Fitzpatrick William Fitzpatrick United States United States 6:54
Our Day Will Come Stephen Coll Sabrina Chalcroft Stephen Coll Ireland United Kingdom 7:54
Out of his Misery Megan Devaney Finbar Crotty Megan Devaney Ireland Ireland 6:54
Proclaim! Maureen O’Connell Maureen O’Connell Maureen O’Connell Ireland Ireland 20:00
REEL: Irish Women Elaine Gallagher Elaine Gallagher Elaine Gallagher Ireland Ireland 7:48
Ring Versus The King Noel Mc Elligott Ultan Savage Des Kilbane Ireland Ireland 11:20
Small Talk Stephen Hall Paul Thompstone Paul Thompstone Ireland Ireland 12:23
Stairwell Eamonn Norris Eamonn Norris Eamonn Norris Ireland Ireland 11:25
Testimony Kamila Dydyna Kamila Dydyna, Eamonn Tutty, Cara Bamford Kamila Dydyna Ireland Ireland 8:58
The Reek Jamie Goldrick Dan Lambert Jamie Goldrick Ireland Ireland 6:38
The Timekeeper Noel McElligott Noel McElligott Noel McElligott Ireland Ireland 13:44
The Weather Report Paul Murphy Deirdre de Grae Paul Murphy Ireland Ireland 4:55
Thespish Maureen O’Connell Shane Connellan Maurenn O’Connell Ireland Ireland 14:43
Two Can Play That Game Denis Kiely Denis Kiely, Ricky Ponce, Dorothy O’Tuama, Joan Twomey Denis Kiely Ireland Ireland 1:08
Uisce Beatha - The Water of Life Elaine Kennedy Elaine Kennedy Elaine Kennedy Ireland Ireland 11:30